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On June 3, 2011, the police announced that they have a PERSON OF INTEREST in the Randi Gorenberg murder.

According to America's Most Wanted, Michel Barrera also uses the names:
Micahel Barrera, Rene Caso, and Christopher Montefu.

"According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, they got information about Barrera from someone in prison at the time of Gorenberg's murder. The informant said they overheard MS 13 Gang members talking about Randi’s murder and how gang members were responsible for the crime. The informant also advised that a hitman, believed to be Michel Barrera, assisted the gang.

Barrera has family members living in Miami, Florida, who at the time of the Gorenberg murder owned a Chrysler 300 four door vehicle, silver in color. This is the type vehicle believed to be seen in the Home Depot video following behind the Mercedes SUV, just after the shooting and just before the Mercedes was abandoned."

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The Boca Raton Police Department is in need of finding the source of these goggles. Footwork done by BochicchioMemorial.com has revealed that these are NOT blacked-out swim goggles, but a pair of motorcycle or adventure goggles. CBS12.com claimed that they were a Harley-Davidson knockoff, but BochicchioMemorial.com asked a longtime Harley-Davidson employee in Broward County if they were, and she said no, she had never seen anything that looked like these. She then showed us the goggles they sell. They had padding around the rims, but showed no other similarities.

If you know of the source (Manufacturer and / or Point of Sale) of these goggles, please DO NOT HESITATE to hit the Crimestoppers or Boca P.D. link at the top of the main frame. Thank you!



Do you know these two men?
They used Randi's stolen credit card on 8/12/08, buying food and video game systems in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Please use the links above and contact the officials with any information you might have. Thank you!
For more information on this part of the case, click here.


ICE your phone!

ICE Your Phone NOW!
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Taken 4/24/08
Same Exit - Taken 5/21/08
Same Exit - Taken 7/5/08

Real posters in the task force office by the door

Free Speech Online

Welcome to "Justice For Nancy and Joey," an online memorial (and hopefully vital case-solving tool) dedicated to a mom and daughter who were sadly and uselessly murdered at the hands of someone who has not yet been caught.

Nancy and Joey's family tried to put up a small memorial in January, 2008 consisting of two 4-foot-high crosses and a teddy bear just outside the entrance into the parking lot of the Boca Town Center Mall where Nancy and Joey were found on December 13, 2007, and mall officials wasted no time taking it down. It is thought by many as far and as wide as California that the memorial was removed because it might "be bad for business" for a reminder to be there on mall property.

So I've decided that since the mall is hell-bent on sweeping this heinous crime underneath the proverbial rug, I would respond by putting up a memorial that they cannot remove.

I am not of relation to the family, nor did I know them. I am a fellow child advocate like I heard that Nancy was, and I just want to donate my time and energy to doing something I think may prove helpful.

Please take the time to join the MySpace profile, join the Facebook group, sign the petitions, light a candle, sign the memorybooks and the site guestbook and look over the message board. If you can, please post the flyer in your community or post the site banner on your own website and link it to bochicchiomemorial.com. Some things on the navigation menu have not been created yet, and will be available soon. Please check back.

Thank you for visiting.