Social Networking Pages

I'm going on social networking sites -- one by one -- and creating profiles special for this case. I want as much exposure on this animal as humanly possible. As much as my time will allow, I'm willing to take on as many as I possibly can create, on as many social networking sites as I can.

If anyone would like to help me, then that's fine. But I'm determined to nab this SOB. Please, if you are on any of these SNS's, add the pages below. Any exposure this case can get, the better off the Boca Police will be.

He could be anywhere on this planet by now. He could have changed his appearance. But... the forensic results have come back from the crime lab (finally), and he cannot change his DNA, nor his fingerprints.

PLEASE help me to make as many people aware of this case as we can. Thank you.


MOCOSPACE (Cell Phone) -
HI5 -

Others are coming soon. Stay tuned.