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Mom's self defense

Reported by: Kelley Dunn
Photographer: Jim Sitton
Last Update: 12:45 pm

The murders at the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton have made many women nervous about shopping alone especially if they have a child with them.

Self-defense expert Rick Seid says, "It's a very difficult situation when we're focused on our most precious things--our children--what's most important is awareness."

Rick says moms who are walking to their car in a parking lot...should put their back to the car door and the stroller in front of them.

This, he says, will put the parents in a position of power and enable you to see all around you.

Rick Seid says, "It makes it a problem for them to get you from behind. I know the child is here but the stroller is the can see all around you and slow him down a bit."

But Rick reminds us not to give an attacker easy access to the rest of the car.

"When you open the doors with the clicker--at this point when you have this door open--shut them all--lock them down so one door is open."

Rick teaches parents that instead of leaning in... to put their child in the car seat---actually get inside the car.

"I know it's hard in the Florida heat but get inside and pull the door shut. It's only for a minute. Leave the stroller here. Once the baby is safely put into the car seat, that's when you're most distracted, then come out and put it where you place it."

Being aware can't prevent every attack--so if you do come face to face...Rick recommends to:

" Fake compliance --give them the idea, to get their guard down, that you will go along with whatever they wish--and the moment their guard is down it gives you the opportunity to attack vulnerable targets."

If you don't feel you're strong enough to fight off someone...then Rick says--hide some sort of a weapon in the stroller.

"One is a PVC pipe...or a horse crop--it's easy to work with and there's nub on the end so even if I grab her--she can jam it into my neck. And then fight me off and attack at this point."

Tactics which can buy a mother some time---attract attention---and hopefully scare off an attacker.

Rick says:
"The goal here simply put is to get home safely. Do whatever you need--whether it's prevention or defending---to get yourself home safely.

For More information please contact:
(954) 323-2393

Video and Slideshow: This Link.
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Women's fighting chance

Reported by: Kelley Dunn
Last Update: 5/10 7:55 am

Grocery shopping is a weekly chore for most women, including me.

But loading your groceries into the truck or the back of an SUV is the wrong way to load your groceries.

So says self-defense expert, Rick Seid.

Rick Said says, “When we're loading our groceries into the back of an SUV or in the truck we're blocking our scope of vision we have for someone coming up on us. You didn't see me until I was right up on you...not at all...exactly."

Rick says putting groceries in the back seat is much safer.

Here's why: “First of all open your door and bring the cart up. We're fortunate we have a car next to us that acts like a buffer. I can see all angles. So it's going to be more difficult for someone to sneak up on me. If they are successful in getting past--either I can jump in the car or I have this cart as a buffer."

One of Rick's many techniques meant to buy you a little more time.

Rick says, "When you're walking with your purse--how do you carry it?

Kelley Dunn says, "I carry it over my shoulder."

Wrong again--if you're alone.

Rick Seid says, “They can grab it...pull it...even use it to choke you."

Rick says carrying it under your arm is better--and allows you to be ready to act.

Rick demonstrates:
"I'm going to have you throw the purse not at my body but at my face. We need to teach them how to stun and run. One of the best tactics I want women to use is the hairline area using a head butt. You can hit the tender targets. Mark Astor will demonstrate: if I were approaching you and I'll do whatever you want me to do boom! There’s a good chance he's going down."

One of Rick's secret weapons may surprise you: it's a pencil. "You break off the eraser tip and sharpen both ends of it."

You can keep it a pocket--in your purse--even travel on a plane with it.

Rick says, "So if I grab you and try to pull you into a waiting vehicle--you've got a pencil in hand--nice, the first shot come back and maybe to my eye…my hand. If the target's this way you start to turn in front, exactly, use it in a variety of angles to attack the vulnerable tender spots."

Rick says you don't have to be a martial arts expert to defend yourself--it's about having a plan...and being willing to do whatever it takes.

"If it means biting, digging into someone's eyes, if it means causing whatever damage you need to---throw out all sense of decency to get your self free and home to your family safely."

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More Self-Defense Tips - Women's Fighting Chance


Let’s start with this understanding between us. The information provided today is to make you think, be aware and develop a plan in order to respond without hesitation in a chaotic situation. Knowledge is power and I want you to be empowered. There is no intent in having you walk around paranoid or scared to leave your house. The good news is, that based on percentages and shear numbers, your chance of being accosted are REAL, BUT minimal. So rest easy, practice these tactics and have fun learning, training and sharing this important information. It is great fun, empowering and the right thing to do!!

Being in the middle of a violent encounter is the wrong time to realize that you don’t know what to do!!!

It is said, 90% of the attacks on women are by people known to them. I don’t know if this is factual or not. To me and you, statistics don’t mean a thing if we are the one in the middle of a violent attack. This book is to provide you with the knowledge and responses to recognize, avoid or defend against those that would cause you harm.

Fighting Spirit- We must prepare ourselves to throw aside all sense of decency and respond fiercely, without hesitation once you commit to defending yourself. Somewhere in this world today, someone has defended themselves successfully without ever taking a self defense course, but purely by bringing out their fighting spirit and willingness to survive and fight back.

Fight or give in- YOU must make this decision, but it is my strong belief that a proactive response or willingness to fight back will increase your chances for survival dramatically. Statistics (here is that word again) back this up. Additionally I want to drive this point home… if you do nothing, you give the power to your attacker to decide and dictate your fate.

SO as to send you on with a clear message,
Work from this premise: Criminals know NO BOUNDARIES. What starts out with a small request of compliance can turn quickly to tragedy. I have often been asked if it is better to give in if the attacker promises not to hurt you. We have all heard of or know of stories where the criminal has left their victim without harming them. But my question is this. Are you willing to trust the word of someone violating or threatening your safety? So I say this, if it means turning over property or valuables that can be replaced, do so. BUT… the moment you believe your personal safety or well being is at risk, look for the first opportunity to escape or attack and don’t stop until you get yourself to a safe zone.

Realistic – There is an exception to every rule, but size and strength are facts we can’t ignore. It is silly to believe that a smaller woman is going to out-slug a man intent on causing her harm. Our tactics in this book and on this DVD are geared to give you an upper hand to “Stun and Run”. Get to a safe zone, escape the danger, deploy or pick up something that could be used as a weapon to cause great harm to the attacker.

Motivation -- Fighting Spirit & Guts --- Anything goes a MUST
There is no other way for me to put this but bluntly. In a life or death situation you MUST be prepared mentally to do all that is necessary to avoid or survive a brutal or life threatening attack. You must be willing to hurt, maim, incapacitate or in the worst case understand that your violent response may even terminate the criminal that wants to put your life or the life of a loved one at risk. You must be willing to bite, rip, tear, eye gouge, slice, stick, stab, break, etc. to get away. I know we all strive to be polite and courteous and that is a good thing. But when the line is crossed, unless you can verbally turn away an attack or escape prior to an attack, your violent and ferocious response if what will give you the fighting chance to save your life.
*****I must, as a responsible person tell you that I am referring to a life threatening situation. If someone just wants your possessions, car or money, give it to them. Again, these items are replaceable. Your judgment to attack must be used responsibly.


Common Sense- other than Use you head and be smart. Use common sense to recognize or avoid potential problems in the first place. Turn on TV or pick up a newspaper and many of the attacks or disappearances of women are due to bad choices. Drinking, jogging in isolated areas, staying in abusive relationships or not seeing the warning signs. There are numerous and obvious situations to avoid. Street gang staring you down as you approach, being called over to a car for directions are a couple of examples. Be smart. Use your head for something a place to put a hat.

Awareness- The key here is recognizing and avoiding danger at the earliest opportunity. How many times have you driven to a location, got there without really remembering the ride. It is almost like you navigated on auto pilot. Perhaps you were talking to someone or in deep thought. Either way your attention was diverted. Whereas our approach is a proactive response to contact situation, we would much rather it never reach that point.

Most crime victims will report to the police that something didn’t feel right. Their instincts (gut feelings) told them something felt wrong. We all have a sort of radar that sets off a warning that danger is near.

· Walk confident with your head up and shoulders straight. Get away quickly from anyone or anything that may look suspicious. Such as an open side door on a van with someone standing nearby as an example.
· Walk in open areas where others are. Avoid walking between cars or unfamiliar alleys or routes.


· Remember or write down details regarding any situation that is suspicious or actual. Such as somebody lurking, following or creating some type of interaction.
Use your antennas to guide your actions. If wrong. it is better to err on the side of safety.

Right to Respond- everyone has the right and obligation to defend themselves. We are all taught as children to keep our hands to ourselves. Don’t hit, etc.
These are proper messages, but should not stand alone. It is imperative that you understand and adopt the premise that you not only have the right to defend yourself, but you have the obligation to yourself and your family to defend yourself.

Other important response tips:
· If encountered, take a deep breath to calm down.
· ANYTHING GOES. Whatever you can get your hands on can be used to defend yourself or others.
· PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE Fighting Chance tactics so that they will come easily to you in a time that would be very chaotic and confusing.


NEVER stop fighting to look for an opportunity to get away. Use all Fighting tactics such as yelling, running, striking, car escapes or whatever tactic may be called for in the stage of abduction, sexual or physical assault. Immediately get to a safe zone or where people are to tell someone or engage a bystander for help.
Everyone has the right to rescue themselves!!!

Good News & Faking Compliance to set up attack
Size advantage for women - A huge advantage a woman has over a man is to fake compliance in order to set up a surprise attack. This will get the guard down enabling to stun and run. Explosive non stop attacks to varying targets will be necessary to open up other targets for further attack or escape routes.
a. even a soft soothing touch to the attackers arm, hand or elbow may be used to get them to lower their guard to set up your vicious attack.
b. Once it is go time, don’t let up until you can get away.
Compliance Stance for quick attack with all your weapons

Look for those opportunities created either by you or the criminal to attack. I know there are exceptions, but percentages are not in the favor of a woman out slugging a man in a prolonged fight.

Yelling / screaming is a most valuable weapon. This alone may be enough to force a predator to flee the scene. EVEN IF THIS PERSON IS FAMILIAR.

Any noise or commotion should be used to attract attention. Breaking of objects in a store, the shattering of a window or other breakables as examples. Even a whistle is an attention getter.


I say it is very important to KISS. I know you are a bit confused me saying this. That’s right I want you to KISS. Keep In Super Shape

I am not saying you need to be a fashion model, but I am saying you need to build your stamina, regardless of your size and weight. Understand, just because the attacker is a bad guy doesn’t mean he is in great shape. Your ability to outlast the bad guy in the fight, if you have trouble getting loose will give you opportunity to get away from their exhausted grip. Plus, your stamina to outrun the attacker could mean your survival. Get in a high energy exercise training program that will build your stamina or buy the Fighting Chance Tactical Workout DVD for home exercise program at

You can give a criminal tremendous opportunity to attack you. Although this falls in the Common Sense section, this point needs to be driven home. Sitting in your car reading, talking on the cell phone or putting on make up with the doors unlocked can put you right in the bullseye of an attacker. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can happen, but putting yourself in isolated areas is like sending up a flare for someone wanting to harm you. You get the point I am sure. More food for thought can be found in the Tips section of this book.


I believe that responsible Americans have the right to carry a gun to protect themselves. That said, I don’t intend to debate the gun control issue. That is for you to decide morally or politically. If you choose to get a gun permit, concealed weapon license, or keep one in your home, do so legally, according to the law.
· Go to a reputable instructor to learn what gun is logical for you. Learn also the capabilities of the gun you purchase.
· Make sure you visit the range regularly to become comfortable with the weapon and alleviate your fears of handling or shooting your weapon.
· Do not make it known that you own or carry a weapon unless you are encountering a police officer in a traffic stop or chaotic situation.
· Take all defensive shooting classes available to you.
· Keep it out of the hands of young children or locked at the right times. But make sure it is easy to access if needed. Owning or carrying a weapon is a major responsibility.

Responsible people MUST do the responsible thing!!!!

Easy to deploy and extremely dangerous. Even a knife in the hands of a nine year old looping it quickly in a figure eight manner is quite threatening and dangerous. Whereas I do teach offensive knife tactics, it is only to those people I know for awhile and have checked out. I will say this, in a life or death situation a sharp edged weapon is a good thing for you to have. Take from that what you may. Knowing this, you must look at and watch the knife defense sections and lessons in this book and the Women’s Fighting Chance DVD.

Pepper sprays can be tough to deploy in a hurry and from test results I have read, not always effective in their potency. Plus if the attacker is wearing a mask, you may feel the effects of the spray before the attacker. I am not going to say that this is not a good item, I would make sure to have a back up plan as well.

The pencil is a great weapon. Break off the eraser and sharpen both ends. Once you grab it in the middle of your fist you have a weapon that can stab and rip in all directions. Also the beauty is that if the point breaks while stabbing, it still has shards that can be just as effective.

Grocery Stores and Shopping Malls

These are two hotbed locations that predators can operate effectively. You must be vigil and cautious when going to or leaving from your car.
· Park in lighted areas of the lot.
· Look for anyone that seems to be lurking or suspicious and get away. Seek out a security guard or a store employee to walk you to your car.
· Be prepared to use whatever you are carrying as a weapon or obstacle to get away.
· Wear appropriate shoes to run in. Keep a pair of flats or sneakers in your car or at work to change into. Leave your high heels in the car, at your office or at home. If you are wearing high heels take or kick them off quickly to run or use to strike.
· Look between cars and scan under cars for hiding feet.
· Scan under and inside your car before entering. Carry a small flashlight for nighttime. Criminals have been known to hide in these spots

If alone, place your items in the back seat. This solves a couple of problems.
a. If you place your items in the trunk you dramatically limit your scope of vision allowing someone to approach from the front or rear. You will have no time to prepare and you will be caught totally off guard.
b. When putting your purchases in the back seat, you not only have better vision of the surroundings, but if thrown into the vehicle (we saw this in a high profile case in Kansas at a Target parking lot) you now have numerous items to use as improvised weapons objects to aid your escape.

***Shopping carts can be used as obstacles. If attacked use a shopping cart to buffer their path to you. Do the best you can to keep it between you and the attacker as you scream or deploy an item to attack with. (One thought is to have a small canned good in a grocery bag to swing at the attacker.)

Car Break Down on the Road
This can be a frightening experience for anyone. Should you be traveling and your car breaks down on a desolate highway or busy freeway the following safety tips should be utilized:
· Immediately call whatever auto assistance you have, plus 911 on your cell phone (make sure your cell phone is always fully charged) to report your trouble and location and request police to show up. Tell them you are afraid for your safety.
· Remove your valuables and take any items you can use to swing or stab with.
· DO NOT stay with the vehicle. (Staying with the vehicle makes you a nice target for those up to no good.)
· If you are in a busy area, go up the embankment safely to a well lit busy location. If you are on a desolate road or highway, go from the vehicle to a spot you could hide behind, such as bushes or another good hiding place, where you can see your vehicle. Do not go to the car until the police or auto assistance show up.

Good Samaritans that stop to help. Let distance be your friend.
If you are still at the vehicle and someone stops to help, maintain distance or even stay on the other side of the vehicle.

In an assertive voice tell them:
“Thank you for stopping, I really appreciate it, but I am nervous here and armed. Please go away… the police have been called and will be here to help in a moment.”

If their intentions are good they will understand. If their intentions are NOT good, now you at least have some distance between you to prepare to defend yourself with whatever means are available to you. If you have a carry permit prepare to use your lessons from your firearm training for encounters. This day and age we need to be ready and prepared for the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Followed or Stalked

Being followed on foot. Lets assume you sense you are being followed. Turn and confront the predator immediately by forcefully saying,
“Are you following me?”
Like the cockroach runs from the light, so too most criminals in this situation will turn and leave so not be seen by witnesses. For the brazen creep that keeps on coming, it is better to confront them 15 feet or more away than wait until they are right on top of you. Now you can run or use other available Fighting Chance tactics.

If wrong it is better to be embarrassed and err in the favor of personal safety.

Being followed in a car.
If you are not sure, make 3 right hand turns. If the car is still behind you there is a good chance you are being followed.

a. Make sure your doors are locked.
b. Drive to a police station or fire station.
c. Call 911 if you have a cell phone
d. Stay in traffic areas

Social Life and Parties

This day and age we find so many outlets and situations we didn’t face years ago. I am not here to judge others, nor am I a sociologist. Everything, I believe comes down to choices. You don’t need me to tell you right from wrong. What some of you need me to tell you is not to cross the line of good reason. For example, drinking and drugs will cause you to make unclear decisions. Decisions that may give you your 15 minutes of fame in the news as a casualty. Leaving a party with someone you just met, is probably not the wisest choice to make either. Live and have fun, but again, have a plan and be smart.


As stated earlier, I strongly urge you to Keep In Super Shape. Jogging or running is the favored method of many. No problem.

a. Don’t run or jog alone or run where other people are and can see you
b. Change your route frequently and alter the times you jog if possible
c. Jog in open areas where an attacker can’t hide behind trees or shrubs
d. Carry an item you can use as a weapon
e. Carry a whistle or loud noisemaker to blow to attract attention
f. If chased, run in a zig-zag manner between trees or other objects
g. If you must wear headphones keep one ear free to alert you to noise

Body language – how you carry yourself may make you a target. Predators do not attack a target just as the mood strikes them. They select and attack their prey as they see an opportunity. They will move on those that appear weak, distracted, and an easy target. Much like the lion will attack the weakest of the herd. Standing tall and strong with a confident stride may be all that is necessary to make someone else a predator’s choice. Criminals will act on premeditation, or stalk their victims ahead of time before attacking. If you show that you are familiar with your surroundings, walk with confidence, and give off the impression of strength, a criminal may not want to work or fight you. Keeping your guard up is the best defensive weapon when it comes to awareness.


I had seen a TV show where the so called “expert” said to drop into the corner and ball up if accosted in the elevator. Logically, this would frustrate the attacker and provide the ability and motive to kick, punch or slam you without much threat of a fight or response. If your choice is to become a human punching bag, then that is a viable strategy. I totally disagree and believe again that you must take the fight to the attacker. Scream and yell as you fight back. Your commotion and screams will be heard throughout the elevator shaft. Also, have a pencil or other improvised weapon in your hand for protection. If you are carrying items.. use them to buffer or to attack. Be ready for anything.
· Stand next to the control panel so that you have access to emergency buttons and phone.
· If uncomfortable with someone that gets in the elevator with you …get out on the next floor. Be ready if they try to stop your exit.
· Don’t get into an elevator if you have any doubts about the person(s) inside.

Improvised Weapons - Almost anything can become a weapon to hurt, maim or kill someone if you have the knowledge, motivation and guts to do it. I am going to get graphic here, but even a thin magazine can be tightly rolled into a cone shape to jab deep into a bad guy’s eye. That will wreck someone’s day for sure. A credit card that you break in half can be a very sharp tool. Obviously I am referring to life and death situations. A viable weapon such as a knife or stick can be used to keep someone at bay or if necessary to save your life. Here are some items that can be used.

Jewelry- Can be used as weapons to stick, rake or puncture skin or eyes. But it can also be an advertisement that you have money or just make you a target of the person that has robbery in mind. It confronted give them what they want. If someone grabs or rips a necklace off your neck let them run away. These are replaceable items. My feelings are to wear as little jewelry as possible to avoid the thief. It isn’t a far leap from robbery…. to robbery and assault / murder. You must use that radar and judgment to recognize that fine line when robbery turns into your safety being threatened and be prepared to spring into a vicious proactive attack.

Cell Phone – The Cell phone is and has become a great communication tool. If your phone still is one that has the small antenna, it may be used as a striking point to the attackers temple or other tender area. If you have opportunity in a hostile situation try to conceal your phone to be able to relay information to the outside world.

· Program in emergency numbers to the speed dial of cell phones and home phones. If walking or in a vehicle have the cell phone readily available for quick use.

· If in an abductor’s vehicle or as try to secretly dial 911, hide the phone out of sight and speak in a way the operator knows you are in trouble. Give clues. “Why are you abducting me? Why are we going to _______________ street and _______________ street or name a familiar location."

STD – A ruse that may give you opportunity to attack or maybe even send the assailant running is telling them you have a sexually transmitted disease. Again this may or may not fly, but in the moment they are listening to you, an opportunity to strike and run may present itself.



1. Be careful displaying any information that can be seen by a bystander. Example: Standing in line at the post office, someone peering at your return address.
2. Be selective when you give out information about yourself or your daily routine.
3. Get caller ID.
4. If you can afford it, there are some relatively inexpensive security cameras that you can access on your TV or computer. Place strategically inside and outside your home.
5. If you live on the second floor or higher plan escape routes. Flexible fire ladders and ropes can quickly deploy from a window to escape.
6. Keep items off your window sills that would indicate it is your bedroom.
7. If you leave your home for any reason or even down the street or hallway…Close and lock all doors and windows.
8. When you go on vacation, let a friend know when you plan to return so someone is aware if you are missing.
9. Keep bushes and shrubbery nice but not too overgrown so no one can hide in or behind them.
10. Put reliable and tested locks on windows and doors.
11. Do not put a note on your door telling of your whereabouts or your return home.
12. Have your mail held at the post office and put a stop on your newspaper delivery if going out of town.
13. Light the surrounding areas around and inside your home. Use timers if necessary.
14. When returning home, If you think someone may have gone inside or is inside - do not enter. Go to a neighbor’s house and call the police.
15. Do not allow a stranger or even someone you vaguely know in the house to use the phone, regardless of the emergency. Tell them you will make the call for them.
16. If you hear noises outside call the police and your neighbors.
17. Keep drapes, curtains and shades down at night.
18. Beware of surprise visitors. Many predators and rapists plan the time of the attack and are known to their victims.
19. Ask for identification of any utility, security, police or service person before opening the door. Call to verify. Even if police, you can call 911 to ask if the officer should be at your home. You also can request another officer to come right away.
20. When home alone, have packages or boxes left outside. If signature is required, have the slip slid under the door. Do not open the door unless you know the delivery person.
21. Do not spend unnecessary time alone in apartment laundry rooms.
22. If you are considering a burglar alarm, check with the police department on home security.
23. Leave spare keys with neighbors rather than hidden around the outside of your house.


1. As you walk on your way to your car, look underneath and inside your car. Carry a small flashlight for checking at night.
2. Keep all valuables out of sight to anyone outside the vehicle.
3. If your car breaks down, call police, friend or auto service and wait in a safe place away from the vehicle but where you have visibility.
4. When calling for a tow truck ask what towing company will be showing up.
5. Buy a Kit with a flare and need help sign in case of breakdown or emergency. Keep a cell phone charged and in your car.
6. Keep your gas tank between half and full.
7. If you have to pull over on the street, try to pull over close to something that is open 24 hours.
8. If someone signals from another car that something is wrong with your car, drive to the nearest service station. Do not stop to check your car until the other car has driven away.
9. Park in well lit areas.
10. Always lock your car when you leave it, even if you are planning to be gone only a short time.
11. If a van has parked next to your car, assess the situation closely. Vans are frequently used for abduction. Go get a guard or exit the situation if someone is lurking in the van or standing next to it.
12. Keep your doors locked and windows up when driving. Keep distance between you and the car in front of you when stopped so if you need to drive off quickly. Keep your car in drive at stop lights.
13. The middle lane is best to drive in when you will be stopping in traffic. Anyone approaching your car can be seen by others.
14. If you are being followed, drive to the nearest police station or open business. Keep your doors locked and honk your horn repeatedly until you attract attention. DO NOT DRIVE HOME.
15. Never leave keys to your home with car keys when your car is left in a parking lot or at a service station.
16. Do not pick up a hitchhiker, male or female.
17. Car pools whenever possible.
18. If you are stopped at an intersection or anywhere else, and you notice someone unfamiliar approaching, honk the horn to attract attention and maneuver out of there as quickly and safely as possible.
19. If anyone demands your car from you, cooperate. If a child is in the car say “take the car but I need to get my child out”.
20. Keep improvised weapons with you or in the vehicle.


1. Keep emergency phone numbers programmed into your phone.
2. Keep your cell phone handy even in your home. Telephone wires can be cut.
3. When receiving a call that you are unsure of, say you are busy that moment and ask for their number so you can call them back shortly. If they refuse, get off the call and write it down.
4. Get caller ID or another call identification service.
5. Use only your initials if you list your name in the phone book.
6. Do not put your name on the out-going answering message or service. Your number will do.
7. Hang up on obscene calls immediately. If they call back say you are calling the phone company to trace the calls.
8. Limit information to those you do not know or trust. Such as if you live alone or where you work.
9. If you receive a wrong number call. Do not offer your name or your phone number. Just verify the wrong number and get off the call.


1. Be assertive in your walk, using a firm, steady pace. A passive or fearful walk gives an image of vulnerability and sets you up as the easy target the assailant needs.
2. Avoid walking through groups of men or even groups of women or mixed groups that seem rowdy.
3. Plan your route in advance. Walk in well traveled areas. Avoid bushes, alleys, vacant lots, entryways and short cuts through deserted places. Vary your route home.
4. If you think you are being followed, cross the street, change directions, and keep looking behind you so it is obvious that you are aware. Take note of their appearance or any descriptions you may be able to give to the police. If you are being followed by a car, memorize the license number, run to the nearest business and call the police.
5. Keep a secure grip on your purse. Do not allow it to dangle. Keep fasteners and zippers closed and any openings close to your body. However, if threatened by a demand for your purse, do not choose your purse over your own safety.
6. Do not allow force or threats to get you into a car. Keep your hands free whenever possible.
7. If you are waiting outside, stand balanced on both feet. Do not put your hands in your pockets. Be aware of cars that pull up to you or that pass you repeatedly.
8. If a driver asks directions, do not get close to the car.
9. Do not accept rides from strangers.
10. When using public transportation, sit toward the front of the bus or in busy subway trains and be aware of the people getting off with you.

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