Town Center Mall Photos - 5/21/08 and
Future Visits

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Boca Town Center Mall "Security Brief" - MSNBC 6/08

Photos Taken 7/5/08

The new signs at the California Pizza Kitchen Exit... and gee, the quote on the one facing the exit doors is quite appropriate... nice job, SIMON! </sarcasm>
Getting married? Dating? So this is what SIMON is peddling all over Town Center Mall now... nice, huh?
Three JEERS for the eternal construction break on something that was supposed to be completed months ago!

So who's feeling secure enough to walk into the new police substation at Town Center Mall?

Nancy, Joey and Randi's last steps were taken in this exit. You would THINK that they'd put a little memorial up here... but I guess like the signs, a memorial would be bad for business at SIMON Mall Properties.